A Prayer for the Oceans

This thoughtful, original prayer for the oceans can be used as part of a service on a beach, after the plastic pollution Bible study, or as part of your personal devotions. Available in video (English and Portuguese) and in PDF format (also in French and Spanish). Reading by Molly Cahill Brazilian Portuguese reading by Ben … Read more

Reflections on the tsunami

I spent [the 2005] New Year’s Eve in Chennai, a city of 8 million where perhaps 200 were swept away by the tsunami. This terrible event shook me. The scale of human suffering, the raw power of nature, the lack of warning.… I was shaken as somebody born in India, as a Christian believing in a loving Sovereign God, and as an environmentalist, who spends his time talking about how wonderful nature is.

Tsunami tragedy: Where was God?

On 26 December 2004, ‘Tsunami’ replaced ‘Sushi’ as the best-known Japanese word in the world. Since that tragic day, there have appeared a number of articles and letters in newspapers all over the world questioning the credibility of faith in God in the light of such a terrible event. Some Christians add fuel to the cynic’s fire by making naive statements about ‘God’s will’, ‘God’s judgement’, ‘God’s end-times’, and so on. Even well-meaning expressions of gratitude to God for rescue and safety lead us to wonder what purpose is served by saving some but leaving so many thousands to die.

The hidden things of God in the ocean

The ocean is experiencing tremendous threats from human activity. What is our response to these threats? We must root marine research and conservation in theology in order to live integrated lives and base our hope ultimately in God. Download Robert Sluka’s paper from the Journal of Ecotheology: Volume 2, Spring 2016