Home: A Rocha 2013 Environment Resource Pack

Where is your home? Many Christians have been taught that our ‘real’ home is in heaven. Yet, the Bible actually says that God’s home will be with humanity (Revelation 21:3), and God calls us to put down roots and bear good fruit in the places where we’ve been planted. A Rocha’s 2013 Environment Resource Pack on Home provides resources for churches to celebrate their local area – the human and wildlife communities they share it with – and to seek ways to be involved in caring for their homes.

The pack can be used on Environment Sunday (the nearest Sunday to the UN’s World Environment Day, 5 June), during Time for Creation (1 September – 5 October, promoted by the World Council of Churches), or any suitable date.

The pack contains a variety of documents in Word and Adobe PDF form, along with PowerPoint presentations.

Home: A View from the Reef

Service outline – including prayers and activities

Hymns and songs



Children’s activities

Small group material

Further resources and ideas

  • Authors: Dave Bookless, Bob Sluka
  • Publisher: A Rocha UK
  • Bible references: Jeremiah 29; Matthew 8; Luke 2; John 15; Romans 12; Revelation 21
  • Licensing: CC BY-SA 4.0
  • Photo: The Blue Marble (The Earth seen from Apollo 17)