Just Food: A Rocha 2011 Environment Resource Pack

Does it matter if our food is junk?

Food is God’s gift in creation, but today it’s often either cheap junk, grabbed on-the-run, or an ethical nightmare and a cause of injustice and suffering.

This pack aims to help you reclaim a biblical understanding of food – as something at the centre of our lives, a source of celebration and joy and a way of bringing God’s Kingdom values of justice and restored relationships into our lives.

Read This First! (PDF)

1. All Good Gifts Around Us (celebrating God’s gift of food)

2. The Price we pay for Food (thinking biblically about food systems)

3. Just Food: Eat LESS (justice, community and relationship)

4. Bread of Life (living out the values of God’s Kingdom in our food)

5. Feeding the Body of Christ (Holy Communion & the heavenly banquet)

6. Worship Resources

  • Creation Care Creed (PDF) (written by Lynda Taylor)
  • Holy Communion Liturgy on Food (PDF & MS Word) (prepared by Rev Dave Bookless)
  • Informal Service Order (PDF & MS Word) (prepared by Pippa Campbell-Clause)
  • Songs & Hymns (PDF)
  • Tasty Morsels – Food Facts & Quotes (PDF) (useful background for preachers, leaders)
  • “We are Blessed” (MP3, PDF & PowerPoint) (song by Andy Flanagan)

7. Going Deeper

  • Just Food: Further Resources (useful list of books, articles, films and websites)
  • ‘A Rocha UK Friends’ (printable leaflet to sign up as a Friend of A Rocha UK)
  • ‘A few simple rules for Eating’ (practical suggestions from Michael Pollan)
  • GrowZones (introduction to a practical way of community food-growing) (not included)
  • ‘Thinking Christianly about Global Food Issues’ (essential background paper from R J Berry)
  • ‘Jesus is coming: Plant a tree’ (superb creation theology from N. T. [Tom] Wright) (not included)
  • ‘A Living Creature’ (Biblical perspective on land use by Prof. Ellen Davis) (not included)
  • ‘Eucharistic Eating’ (Essay on intensive meat-production as idolatry by Prof. Michael Northcott) (not included)
  • ‘Salmon and Sacrament’ (Eucharist as protest against global capitalism by Prof. M. Northcott) (not included)
  • UN Agro-ecology Report
  • Foresight Report – Future of Food & Farming (summary of this important report)
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  • Birkinshaw, Marie; Bookless, Dave; Campbell-Clause, Pip; Greenhouse, Jenny; Taylor, Linda
  • A Rocha UK
  • 2011
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  • CC BY-SA 4.0