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Seven Days of Creation for the Church in Africa

A Week of Bible Explorations written by Allen Goddard

  • Small group materials
  • Africa; creation
  • Genesis 2; Genesis 8; Isaiah 35; John 1; Mark 4; Psalm 104; Revelation 21
  • Goddard, Allen
  • A Rocha South Africa
  • 2009
  • en
  • CC BY-SA 4.0

Mission Round Table: Missional creation care

This edition of the Mission Round Table is offered as a contribution to the exploration of the place of creation care in mission. It interleaves missiological reflections with accounts of creation care ministry from different contexts in Asia and Africa. It includes OMF’s statement on the theological basis for creation care, which was developed by the Fellowship in 2013.

  • Articles
  • Africa; Asia; missions
  • OMF
  • Bliss, Lowell; Chaney, Joel; Dino, Jocelyn; Gould, David; Griffiths, Mike; McConnell, Walter; Selby, Gareth; Taylor, Bruce; Wright, Chris
  • OMF
  • 2014
  • en
  • CC BY-NC-SA 4.0