Let there be… stuff?


A Faith-Based Program for Christian Teens

The Let There Be…Stuff? faith-based teen program is designed for a group of 6–15 youth between 13–18 years old to attend at their house of worship and is led by a facilitator. The program is organized in six sections:

  1. Caring for Creation – Opening ourselves to the awe and wonder of Creation and our role as Earth stewards.
  2. The Story of Stuff – Revealing the whole Story of Stuff, from cradle to grave, its impact on people and the planet and hearing the call to take action.
  3. An Unfortunate Creation Story – Looking at the specific stories of some of our favorite Stuff: What’s in it, how it was made, how it got to us, and the real cost of production to the planet and people.
  4. Don’t Buy It – Learning how we are being manipulated by the media to keep endlessly consuming and how we can start thinking for ourselves and have more fun.
  5. Waste Not – Learning where our stuff goes when it leaves our hands, the true cost to people and the planet, and how we can reduce our waste.
  6. Going Forth – Celebrating student’s achievement in taking the course and supporting them in taking their next steps as Earth stewards beyond the course.

… or each file individually:

  • Authors: GreenFaith, The Story of Stuff
  • Publisher: The Story of Stuff
  • Bible references: Genesis 1; Genesis 2; Exodus 20; Psalm 8; Isaiah 24; Isaiah 45; Hosea 4; Matthew 3; Luke 4
  • Licensing: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0