The life of trees: Sermon


The following sermon, mainly based on Genesis 2:8–17, explores the topic of trees and how they are vital for the diversity of life that God calls us to serve and preserve. It reminds us of the tree of life and its focus on a God-centred wisdom, which is rooted in a healthy relationship with God and a healthy relationship with God’s creation – including trees. It also encourages us with a call to action – to relate to trees in practical, down-to-earth ways and rethink how our lifestyles and priorities affect the rest of our earth community.

There is a PowerPoint presentation with slides to accompany this sermon, although it is not essential. There are notes during the sermon to indicate where to change slides.

The life of trees – Sermon notes (WordPDF)
The life of trees – Sermon (PPT)

  • Presentations; Sermons
  • trees
  • 1 Peter 2; Genesis 2; Isaiah 55; Luke 13; Proverbs 3; Revelation 22
  • Bookless, Dave
  • A Rocha UK
  • 2012
  • en
  • CC BY-SA 4.0

2 thoughts on “The life of trees: Sermon

  1. Bishop Boadu-Tuffour Evans

    I have the desire to organize my church members and some farmers in Ghana to work on environmental protection thru tree planting water preservation, how does Rocha help us

    1. Júlio Reis

      Dear Bishop Boadu-Tuffour Evans,

      It is encouraging to read of your desire to work with us in caring for creation! We have put you in contact with A Rocha Ghana via email. They will be able to point you towards deepening the church’s care for creation in Ghana.

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