Hope for Planet Earth: A Rocha 2009 Environment Resource Pack

A Rocha UK’s 2009 Environment Resource Pack followed a national tour of schools and churches (called ‘Hope for Planet Earth’) run in partnership with Tearfund, Share Jesus International and the John Ray Initiative and funded by the Jerusalem Trust. The Hope for Planet Earth DVD was produced from this tour and contains professionally-filmed 15 minute presentations on the science of climate change, impacts on the poor, impacts on biodiversity, the biblical and moral basis for action, and practical actions to get involved in.

Church material

Sermon: Whose world is it anyway?

‘There is a question hanging over planet earth – a question caused by species and their use of the earth’s resources, by the rapidly increasing footprint of 6 billion + human beings. And the question is actually quite a simple one: Whose world is it anyway? A very simple question, and one we desperately need to ask ourselves, because it holds the key to the survival of human life on this small blue globe.’

School material: Geography

Film clips

1. The Problem – Dr Martin Hodson, John Ray Initiative

In part 1, Martin Hodson from the John Ray Initiative, examines the science behind climate change, the temperature changes we could be expecting to see and the effects of these in terms of changes in rainfall, increased flooding and reducing Arctic sea ice.

2. The Planet – Dave Bookless, A Rocha

In part 2, Dave Bookless from A Rocha, considers our impacts on the planet in terms of deforestation, the food crisis, pollution, waste and biodiversity loss.

3. The Poor – Alisha Sanvicens, Tearfund

In part 3, Alisha Sanvicens from Tearfund, considers the impact of climate change on poor communities around the world.

3. The God story – Andy Frost, Share Jesus International

In part 4, Andy Frost from Share Jesus International, considers the Biblical context for exploring the issues surrounding climate change.

5. Taking action – Dave Bookless, A Rocha

In part 5, Dave Bookless from A Rocha and Alisha Sanvicens from Tearfund, consider changes we can make to our lifestyles, in our churches and at the national and international levels to help address some of the issues surrounding climate change.

6. The Challenge – Dave Bookless, A Rocha

In part 6, Dave Bookless from A Rocha, considers our view of the world and uses Biblical scripture to challenge us to live in a way that reflects God’s love for all of his creation.

Sir John Houghton

This short talk from Nobel Prize winning scientist and Christian, Sir John Houghton, explores the evidence of climate change, its possible impacts around the world and the actions needed at the household and government levels to curb greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Authors: Dave Bookless, Andy Frost, Jenny Greenhouse, Martin Hodson, Sir John Houghton, Jonathan Nicholas, Alisha Sanvicens
  • Publishers: A Rocha UK, John Ray Initiative, Share Jesus International, Tearfund
  • Bible references: Genesis 6; Genesis 8; Genesis 9; Job 38; Psalm 24; Psalm 50; Psalm 115; Romans 8
  • Licensing: CC BY-SA 4.0