All of Life

Dave Bookless’s four video talks at the New Wine Netherlands Conference 2020.

Talk 1: The Big Picture

What is the Big Picture that unfolds from Genesis to the return of Jesus? And how are we part of this story? Dave Bookless outlines the major themes in the Old and New Testaments and asks, ‘How big is your Jesus?’

Talk 2: Putting Down Roots

Where is your home? We were created to live rooted – in God, in our community and in creation. But in today’s world many people are uprooted and detached and therefore internally wounded. Dave Bookless challenges you: ‘Be a mangrove.’

3: All of Life

God’s Kingdom brings shalom: wholeness for all creation. It touches all areas of our lives and our society and economy. Can Jesus be king over your whole life? And do you want to be a ‘bringer of shalom’ in your environment?

4: Being Church in the Real World

What is the vocation of the church of which you are a member? And what does this mean concretely for how your church is in your town or village? Dave Bookless invites your church to be involved in God’s movement from creation to transformation – in Jesus’ name and in the power of the Holy Spirit.