Just Food – 2. The price we pay for food: Sermon

The price we pay for food

Food is about relationships – with ourselves, the land, other people and with God. Today, many of those relationships are unhealthy, distorted or broken. Some biblical principles to help us include:

  • Remembering – that the world and all it produces, including food, are God’s
  • Restraint – in not pushing the land beyond its limits and recognising it is not just to provide profit for a few people, but to sustain all living creatures.
  • Respect – for people, for animals and for the earth itself.

This sermon is based on Leviticus 25:1–12, 18–24 (The Sabbath of the Land) & Luke 12:16–21 (The Parable of the Rich Landowner). It includes an optional PowerPoint presentation to illustrate the sermon.

  • Presentations; Sermons
  • farming; food; relationships
  • Leviticus 25; Luke 12
  • Campbell-Clause, Pip; Bookless, Dave
  • A Rocha UK
  • 2011
  • en
  • CC BY-SA 4.0