Just Food – 1. All good gifts around us: Sermon

The following sermon is based on Genesis 1:26–31 and John 2:1–11, which focus on food as God’s gift in creation and the central role it plays in our relationship with God and each other. It explores four values to cultivate when we look about food biblically – celebration, abundance, dependence and community/relationship. We are also encouraged with a call to action at personal, church/community and political levels.

There is a PowerPoint presentation with slides to accompany this sermon, although it is not essential.

  • All Good Gifts Around Us – Sermon notes (WordPDF)
  • All Good Gifts Around Us – Sermon powerpoint (PPT)
  • Presentations; Sermons
  • abundance; celebration; community; dependence; food; relationships
  • Acts 14; Genesis 1; John 2
  • Bookless, Dave; Campbell-Clause, Pip
  • A Rocha UK
  • 2011
  • en
  • CC BY-SA 4.0