Just Food – 7. Going deeper

Go deeper in your renewed relationship with food and justice issues with these extra resources:

  • Just Food – Further Resources (useful list of books, articles, films and websites)
  • A Rocha UK Friends’ (printable leaflet to sign up as a Friend of A Rocha UK)
  • A Few Simple Rules for Eating’ (practical suggestions from Michael Pollan)
  • GrowZones (introduction to a practical way of community food-growing) (not included)
  • Thinking Christianly about Global Food Issues’ (essential background paper from R J Berry)
  • ‘Jesus is coming: Plant a tree’ (superb creation theology from N. T. [Tom] Wright) (not included)
  • ‘A Living Creature’ (Biblical perspective on land use by Prof. Ellen Davis) (not included)
  • ‘Eucharistic Eating’ (Essay on intensive meat-production as idolatry by Prof. Michael Northcott) (not included)
  • ‘Salmon and Sacrament’ (Eucharist as protest against global capitalism by Prof. M. Northcott) (not included)
  • UN Agro-ecology Report – not included but downloadable from srfood.org
  • Foresight Report – Future of Food & Farming (summary of this important report) – not included but downloadable from gov.uk

All documents in PDF format.

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