Just Food – 5. Feeding the Body of Christ: Sermon

Feeding the Body of Christ

Eating is central, both in the Eucharist / Holy Communion and to Jesus’ pictures of God’s Kingdom as the heavenly banquet. All our eating today – around the ‘Lord’s table’ and around our own tables, should reflect and anticipate the values of God’s coming Kingdom. The values that unite Eucharist and Banquet include

  • Eating together – with others, with strangers, with those who produce food
  • Eating well – quality and ethics in eucharist and all our meals
  • Eating with Jesus – both in terms of presence and values
  • Eating in anticipation – of God’s coming Kingdom

Documents included:


  • Sermons
  • banquet; communion; eucharist; food
  • 1 Corinthians 12; Luke 14
  • Bookless, Dave; Campbell-Clause, Pip
  • A Rocha UK
  • 2011
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  • CC BY-SA 4.0