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Sadly, there are very few good hymns or worship songs about God’s call for us to be at home in this world, and to put down roots in creation and local communities. Why not see if musicians and poets in your community could write something? Please send it to [email protected] if you produce something worth sharing. Interestingly, song-writers seem to find it easier to write about the biblical theme of journeying rather than the equally biblical theme of belonging to one place and putting down roots! Worryingly, there are also lots of 19th and 20th century hymns and songs that focus (without biblical warrant) on escaping this world for a disembodied heaven. The songs below include both modern and traditional hymns that celebrate our embodied calling in God’s world, and the beauty and wonder of creation. There are also specially adapted versions of “Look around you” (Kyrie Eleison) and “O Lord my God” (How great Thou art) at the end of the table of songs.


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